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tv   [untitled]    June 19, 2015 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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year restricted grant it was eliminated we're continuing those are expenditures and so that is going to take 670-0000 to now under the general fund to continue and in the case of title one not an elimination but reductions in title one of $1 million plus we're not going to transfer into title one but reclasses those and have them charged to increase serviced general fund. >> it seems to me we need to do and in fact at this excuse me. at the previous meeting we characterizations this as back filing title one spend she should say our m s p.s. s
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whatever we should say we're spending now less than than $3.2 million $2 million and make a note saying on the mp ss $2 million comes from title one that is less than from title one the toilet one revenue has changed that is has the same confusion about it looks like we're spend things twice it isn't necessary we're spend are reproposing to say here's the mp ss and even another this is a unskriektd general fund in the
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federal fund spend this amount of money but all we'll have to do is say how much on mp ss and difference between what we spent this year and last year and note it's been reduced we're already spending more on the mp ss under the general fund if we wanted to put a note for the title one and now spend less we could do that but it - this clearly when this was explained i mean when i read this what was the answer to the question this didn't make sense i think this is particularly true of federal funds after all we have a committee who's job to understanding the committee and to approve it and structure something in the budget that is
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so confusing so even though is it so not urban truthful it is clearly misleading or potentially misleading so i would like us to do that i think there are other places which as i've reviewing the budget will be revealed the same thing is true we have to find a way to say here's what we are spend and this is where the revenue comes from rather than amount of those things we have here those charts those shpts have difficult for people to understand because there's things here that are actually, in the expenditure column and something like that so the budget where the money is coming from and less or more than before that's all.
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>> any further questions or comments about the budget at this time? commissioner walton >> i have a question one other than page 69 item college and career readiness am i reading it correctly a decrease in allocation from 2014-2015 to 2015-2016 2015-2016. >> yes, sir. that's a $9 million decrease this could happen for a variety ever reasons there may have been a staff hired that were at a lower salary than what was try in the previous year but, yes you're right there's a $9,000
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reduction, however if you look at the number of ftes fund that has not changed it is still at 5.5 ftes that was the level in 2014-2015. >> so the minimum amount we've addressed this a little bit we would like to understand a little bit just want when a was the reasoning for that and same page hundred 54 for any classification specialist funding programs what are we talking about here. >> superintendent. >> page 5 did i'd like to ask kevin truit to kind of address
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that question and. >> you can comment so hundred 54 i sent rita a message it is specialist funding programs we put all the grants soft money it is renamed and it should be called counseling and posts secondary success that is is in the next reiteration a change of title and that's where counseling the staff on cook street that board will be managed pie mary richard when they comics both my department and the executive director. >> any other questions. >> i wanted to thank the team for recapping the questions that came up i thought i had to write down them but you've captured
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one additional question you can respond to separately i was looking per the school looks at obligations and hoping for a bump at the school sites at rosa parks there's having a two percent bump and local two ftes i want to understand what two ftes is that bans student projections or what two fte are planning to be reduced and we will convene again next tuesday as a committee as a whole and interims that are additional questions send them ahead to superintendent in advance of that meeting so staff we have an opportunity to respond. >> thank you, again, for your presentation. >> okay item r board members
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proposal the only item withdrawn and item s the board members to the other reports first, we want to share a report from the school district for commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell and commissioner fewer and commissioner wynns. >> so we had an essay an is school district student crossing guard actually, i know that commissioners it was fabulous so we are thank you to supervisor yee who get money to start the program that was amazing how many people actually there had the part of the crossing guard when they were in school commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell was a school crossing guard and
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supervisor yee and other people oh, deputy superintendent oh, excuse me. (laughter) yes, he was a captain. >> i was a captain too yes. i know that my husband within a sergeant also anyway been implementing that it was 10 of our elementary schools; is that correct commissioners, i think that was 10 elementary school but anyway, that was a fabulous program and i asked the commissioners to go out and visit it especially the ones at lake shore elementary school that was heartwarming a circulation with the police department so students are trapped and also schools are icing it as a school leadership program so quite fabulous thank you. >> thank you, commissioner
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fewer report from the committee as a whole on june 2nd commissioner vice president haney. >> affordable housing that was the budget and el cap you've heard a thorough summary of the questions and the conversation that took place there was reflected in the presentation tonight. >> thank you and report from the curriculum and program committee commissioner vice president haney. >> yes. one action item that was paths to sfusd crazy and internship program we heard a bit how the program will be structuredtructuredructureductured about about board members and the internship and the number of
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them and we for the that to the board with a positive recommendation we heard that the lea and . >> youpt on the lgbtq curriculum question have a enter departmental group of folks percentage came together and put out a survey to teachers and schools around the fair educational act and more generally, the reflection of lgbtq community individuals in our curriculum particularly in the social studies they're coming piling those are surveys. >> using those to find opportunities to insure that we are abide by the fair education act to its fullest stent and the
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lgbtq community is reflected in the curriculum and other update very likely the first lgbtq course that is offered at the school of the arts we have a teacher that will teach that and it was offered and that is the first one and the mission was considering that an update on high performing students that has a couple of impacts around the process our district is using to reaccess and think what gait looks like in our district some of the progress towards that both where we have come and going and some further discussions from the committee and from the folks that were there around how we support the
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educators in accelerating the tints for hire achieve students and what that looks like and how it enacts with gait. >> if i could add actually, i think the gait conversation was interesting because t we looked at the ratio breakdown of students that are identified as gait and some of the gate we looked at was disturbing what the committee discussed was is that this gate what's the purpose is it aligned with the plan and if not what should we do that about it this we didn't know what was happening with the gate program in general but looked at the criteria and look at who it serves and should it be what should gate look like is it really gate we have a high
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percentage what was it oh, yeah 27 percent of the population is identified as gates a norman around truly gifted students is one percent of the population so we are a little bit overrepresented that almost a quarter of the students i know we that it raise questions and that 46 period of time of the gates identified are chinese and they make up 31 percent of our population sow we were a little bit concerned some disproportionmently was going on for a aboard discussion. >> i've not seen the data that was presented at curriculum so i'd like to get a copy. >> okay. thank you.
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>> thank you very much i'd like to ask committee chairs to nun miss committee meetings schedule for this month. >> i'll say we're asking staff whether or not to have a rules committee meeting actually, i read about a bill but we're already the teacher evaluation bill we have a position opposing it but might want to discuss that but have a rules committee meeting next week hoping that not to happen. >> any other committees that may meet this month. >> so we have 1086 scheduled for the 15 next monday but i know that mr. gotten is coming out of a trial hold it to the
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21st i'll check with my colleagues. >> this saturday the board will be meeting in retreat here at this school district and let's see other general announcements colleagues. >> commissioner wynns. >> i just make a report i want to report i had an opportunity to go to the pb i s train and which was very interesting i was there points whole morning by the main thing that was good for me if you are interested i have the train manual but the main reason i want to report that was the kind of final cohort so all the schools have had the basic training i don't know if they call is it basic training but
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the first train teams from schools remember the middle school were the pilot groups of the school groups were elementary school school teams i wanted to thank the staff for allowing me to share a part of that it was available for me, i i believe for the participants thank you. >> i want to recognize the scholarship winners from our public schools chang from the high school and lowell high school daniel the gladys scholarship and tim ethic from burton high school payroll from
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george washington high school they're our recipients of funding for made possible by this needy students incarcerated during world war 202 on june 20th i want to graduating congratulate rosa parks elementary school they invited me to speak and the amazing scholar award one of the best in the district and congratulations to the vietnamese culture center and couple of events if more magic happening that with work it f their college and career fair at school and on friday june 12th from
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8:30 to 3 the summer learning day i know several of us will be under 83 to press conference 11:30 and phenomenal to our educators in the during the trial the chinese-american is malia cohen this summer in san francisco and on friday july 3rd offering a workshop for the educators managing our careers into the principle offices and beyond targeting the classroom teachers to think about professional enhancement and former superintendent glen and many of our leaders in the district superintendent dee dee and david waning and principle kenneth lee july 3rd you can
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find a information to register at a national convention website any other announcement. >> i have one last friday on june 5th i was invited to be a speaker at a skwlil celebration and actually a college track additionally we had a lot of students from lincoln and lowell and washington a student that was given a scholarship it was wonderful to speak to young women about the importance of education particularly for women. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> in addition to the efforts with more magic between 12 and four on thursday, we'll be announcing the mayors eye in reconciling skipper with
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superintendent carranza 4 hundred students being awarded scholarships. there are 7 of whom are already in college but previous sfusd students hosted at the north light court from 2 to 3:00 o'clock >> thank you very much so that concludes item s and actions no one u no one and item reverberation are v is adjournment this meeting is
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